Festivals & Live Music

Live Music & Festivals

Who Doesn’t Love LIVE MUSIC?

Live music can vary from a single musician playing the guitar to full bands playing in front of hundreds or even thousands of people. These performances can be a part of public, private or corporate events. The technical requirements of events that add live music to their schedule or program can differ greatly. 

 Not sure what you need? We recommend that you simply call or email us so we can discuss your needs. We can provide you with our professional recommendation to make your event successful and of course budget friendly.

Types of live events we support.

New Performers
Just embarking on your performing path and need great sounding gear to get you started? Consider Renting professionally maintained, quality equipment.
Restaurants/Coffee Shops
Hosting Live Music with multiple performers? Take control of the consistency of the sound by renting professional Sound equipment. Set up at your leisure so your patronage is not interrupted by load-ins.
Outdoor Events
You can’t always rely on the in-house systems. Check out our Small and Large Sound System Packages based on audience size. They have everything you need to get you up and running, including all cords, cables, extension cords and detailed instructions/video tutorials.
Special Occasions/Dances
For any audience sizes under 150, you can take advantage of our value-added D.I.Y Specialty Package, but we highly recommend adding at least one subwoofer when your event involves dancing. Our specialty lighting is another great way to turn a gathering into a spectacular party.
Let us help you determine your Sound, Lighting requirements for your next Festival. We would assess the audience size, number of acts/bands, staging, logistic planning, and entertainment, if required. 
Technical requirements for a band can vary greatly. We can help you assess your individual needs based on audience size, members, monitor mixes, location, lighting, power requirements and technical support. Ask us about our Full Support pricing. Though there are exceptions, most Public Address (PA) systems and DJ systems can't handle the requirements of live music. 

Live music, in general, is much more dynamic and requires a more powerful sound system with a wider frequency response to reproduce accurately. What might be adequate for a simple speech or even dance music may not be able to handle the rigors of a full live band.

The Right Mood, The Right Sound!

Do-It-Yourself - Specialty Packages

For those of you that just need quality equipment, take advantage of our value-added Specialty Packages and suggested add-on’s based on the number of guests. We provided with a briefing at pickup, a detailed instruction manual and tutorial videos of our most popular rentals.  Our goal is to take the fear out of your AV equipment needs.  AV Made Simple!

Hiring live entertainment or a band for your event or venue?

There are key elements you may want to ask or consider:
Will the band set up and do sound check before the event starts?
Have you heard the band live and is their equipment appropriate for your event?
Will the appearance or aesthetics of the equipment be a factor?
Do I need to rent Sound or Lighting equipment to supplement what the band is providing?
Will a Sound Technician be provided? If yes, will they be hired for the full duration of the event?

Where do you start? It’s easy! Call us, we love talking AV.

Our team will ask the right questions to ensure nothing falls through the cracks. You can also fill in the form below. By providing as much information as possible, you will be aiding your AV team in providing an accurate evaluation and quote.  
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