Lighting Packages

Lighting Packages

MTAV carry's a wide assortment of professional, quality Lighting Equipment, keeping up-to-date on current technology and brands. We stock a variety of LED & Laser lighting rentals based on performance and value. Whether you are looking for simple stage, decor, fazer rentals or a full lighting production, we have you covered!

Below we offer some DIY Specialty Packages. If your requirements go beyond the scope of our packages, let MTAV design a custom solution that is right for you.

Small Décor Pack


Suitable for any Live Event
4 x ADJ Event-Pod, 3-in-1 RGB LED light pods
  • (Battery Powered, Colour Changing Pods)
  • 4 x AC Power Adaptors
  • 1 x ADJ Event-RC Controller
  • 4 x Mega TriPar Profile LED (wash lights)
  • 3 x 6’ DMX Connector Cables
  • 1 x Soft Carrying Case

Double LED Lighting Package


Suitable for any Live Stage Presentation
2 x ADJ Dotz TPar System™ COB PAR(wash) LED lights
  • 2 x Adjustable Lighting Stands
  • 2 x Foot Activated Control Board
  • 2 IR Wireless Remotes
  • 4 x Carrying Case
  • All necessary Cords and Cables

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Additional Rentals

Exciting NEW item just added to our Inventory List - Battery Powered Uplighting - Call for availability
Our new portable, Battery LED Flat Par fixture is one of the best-built, brightest fixture we have seen.  Boasting 288 watts and a sturdy outer case.  The internal battery allows users to operate this light up to 20 hours. Wow!!!  This unit is very handy and user-friendly for any type of Live Event. Built-in UV (black light) is extremely bright for it's size.  Scroll through 32 colour settings. You can't go wrong with this fixture.  Sound active, fade, fixed colour or run on auto.  Add a splash of colour easily to your next event. 
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The UV Cob Cannon fixture offers a powerful 100 watts of serious smooth flicker-free UV Wash. Planning a Glow in the Dark Party? This fixture will not let you down. Two units can easily fill a gymnasium. Pulse/Strobe/Wash make this fixture great for DJ's, performance stages, theatrical and special effects productions, glow in the dark parties and just about any event when you are looking for a cool effect. The dual brackets allow you to place this fixture on the floor, tabletop or mount on a stand. 
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The Boom Box FX2 will help create pure lighting excitement for any event with the 4-FX-IN-1 . Cover the room in light from the classic Derby effect, paint the walls with GOBO effects, wash the dance floor in colors and mesmerize the crowd with the Galaxian style red and green laser!  
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The Stinger offers 3-FX-IN-1 by utilizing three light sources to give users a Moonflower/Strobe/Laser combo effect that creates new levels of pure lighting excitement for audiences. With the red and green laser beams combined with the coloured moonflower effects, this lighting element will fill the dance-floor with unique colour and movement, and the intense bursts of white strobe light add a club-style atmosphere, regardless your venue.
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The Inno-Pocket Spot LZR is a Mini Moving Head with a bright 12-Watt LED source. Its compact size and lightweight makes it ideal for mobile entertainers or special event rentals.
Featuring 7 colors plus white, 7 gobos plus spot and separate colour & gobo wheels. The Inno-Pocket Spot LZR will give pure lighting excitement with its fast moving beams and colour changes. Other control methods include: Sound active with 4 built-in shows. 
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The ADJ Fog Fury Faze is a lower cost alternative to a Haze Machine, that actually uses water-based fog juice leaving no residue. It creates an even mist right out of the machine rather than a big burst of cloudy fog. The Fog Fury Faze uses standard water-based fog liquid, has a warm-up time of 5 minutes, has a 2 liter external fog liquid tank, and has an output of 1,000 cubic feet per minute.
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This system is a set of 4 Event Pods(compact battery powered lighting fixtures) will easily add a nice decor lighting as well as a little excitement to any party atmosphere. These colour-changing pods feature 8 built-in colours and 3 colour fade speeds. They are very quick to set-up for temporary use on tables, aisles, walkways, windows and buffet tables in venues, restaurants, parties and for outdoor events.
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The ADJ Mega Tripar Profile Plus are compact, low profile pars designed for uplighting and stage lighting, and will bring colour and excitement to any party. This fixture features a unique “sit-flat” design so that it may sit directly on the ground or inside truss/stands. Take your live event "up a notch" by adding these versatile LED light fixture.  Create branding with your corporate colours or turn to sound activate to get the party started. Looks great on backdrops, curtains or any element that needs a little colour.  

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The Dotz TPar System is an LED Light Fixture that offers smooth color mixing using state-of-the-art TRI COB LEDs. It creates wash lighting, pixel mapping, pulse, and strobe effects for any event. Operates in auto run, sound active, colour macro, dimmer and is fully DMX controllable. Your system will include a remote control, and pedal control to help make it easier for you to choose your operation of choice. 

The M-1616 16" Mirror Ball from American DJ is that one accessory you need to add to your light and DJ show. It is going to offer that spectacular Saturday night fever atmosphere you are looking for. This 16" version of the Mirror Ball will give you the coverage you need on your dance floor. Get one for your wedding reception and make it shine above you during your first dance. We recommend adding a spot light or single battery powered uplight fixture along with your mirror ball to add the reflection needed get the party started.
(All Rentals subject to HST, prices may change without notice)

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