Lighting & Special Effects

Lighting & Special Effects

Enhance your event with Lighting & Special Effects.


Provide visibility and focus on stage (function). You want your audience to focus their attention to the stage. You also need to be able to see the people on stage clearly. 

Seems like a very novel idea but it becomes even more important when video cameras are involved. Video cameras require specific amounts of light to function properly. Without enough light, images appear dark and grainy.

Set The Mood

Create a mood or style (form). For most presentation events, basic functional lighting is all that you need or none at all depending upon the existing lights in the room. 

However, the use of lights is a cost effective way to emphasize the branding of your product as well as bring dramatic attention to certain elements and can also improve the quality of your videos and photographs taken at your event.  All this can enhance the experience of your guests and attendees.

Detailed list of all AUDIO Equipment available through MTAV

Powered Speakers (amplifier and processing built in so an external amplifier is not required)
Speaker Stands
Microphone Stands
Digital Audio Consoles/Mixers
Analog Audio Console/Mixers
Wireless Headset Microphones
Condensor/ Microphones
DI Boxes
Powered Subwoofers (amplifier and processing built in so an external amplifier is not required)
Audio Snakes
CD Players
Digital Audio Recorders
Wired Handheld Microphones
XLR Cables
Wireless Lavalier/Lapel Microphones
Dynamic Microphones

Planning an outside event? We can do that too!

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