Mobile Stage Production Packages

Mobile Stage + Production for Live Events

Create Impact - Full Production with a Mobile Stage!

NOW Booking for the 2018 Season. 

The Stageline SL50 & SL100, our stages of choice. They are attractive and allow for predominant sponsorship visibility with custom side banners. Fly your logo or have the stage rental fully sponsored with a beautiful design creating an impressive stage presence. 

  Our mobile stage package provides a one-stop for all your Sound, Lighting and Technical Support requirements.  
Align yourself with the MTAV team and call today. 

Types of live events a mobile stage can support.

Outdoor Events
Enjoy the piece of mind that a covered stage can bring. Event organizers often cross their fingers when it comes to planning an outdoor event due to possible rain. In most cases, the entertainment will still go on with a covered mobile stage. The stageline stages will help keep your musicians and the equipment dry with the back panel and covered roof. 
MTAV has put together the perfect Sound and Lighting for the SL50 & SL100 mobile stage. For larger audience sizes, please tell us about your event and we can personalize your specific equipment needs. For a detail list of equipment, please give us a call. 
Special Occasions/Private Parties
Celebrate in style by having your entertainment the main focus and your next Party. The stages can be brought into most anywhere that a large pickup truck can fit. Verify the specs or call us to set up an on-site consultation if you are unsure.   Stage Specs Details
Live Entertainment/Bands
Whether your entertainment will showcase 1 band or multiple, an Emcee, Presenters, DJ's, Entertainers and so on....we will be on-site to ensure smooth transitions between performances.  We work will work with you to ensure everyone including the performers and audience has the most memorable time.

The Right Mood, The Right Sound!

As we know, moods can be altered by Music. We can set the tone or ambiance of any Event by the type of Music we play. But what if that music doesn’t sound pleasant or the volume isn’t appropriate? 

Music does not necessarily have to be loud to initiate emotion, but it does need to be clear, intelligible and pleasing to the ear.  We provide quality, state-of-the-art, and professional Sound & Lighting Equipment Rental Packages. Sound Better – Your Audience stays Longer!  

Flown Pa - Superior Coverage

 Our packages will include the mobile stage, flown PA (QSC KLA line array), Shure QLXD Wireless Microphone, Turbosound Monitors (4 separate monitor mixes), subwoofers and everything you would need for live music as well as a qualified, experienced Live Audio Engineer. 
 Full itemized list available upon request. 

Hiring live entertainment or a band for your Event?

Thinking of Booking a Mobile Stage? Consider:
Our Packages include a pro sound technician and flown PA to maximize audience coverage.
Banners can be utilized to brand your event or used as a key sponsorship opportunities.
Is your potential location site easily accessible for a mobile stage? Download and verify the stage specifications.
Will you require additional backline? If yes, please contact us for pricing.
We recommend that you plan early.  Verify with your township or city regarding Event applications.
Will you require a DJ to fill in the gaps between your Live Music? DJ Services now available.

Where do you start? It’s easy! Call us, we love talking AV.

Our team will ask the right questions to ensure nothing falls through the cracks. You can also fill in the form below. By providing as much information as possible, you will be aiding your AV team in providing an accurate evaluation and quote.  
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